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send a text

send a text today has become essential when we are in situations where we can not make a phone call, and although you may not believe it today, there are still services on the Internet to send a text message to any cell phone in the world from a site from Internet.

Why do you want to send a text message?

People send text messages all the time for anything from greeting a friend to courting someone, text messages are very useful when all you want is to write and not talk or hear more than it really matters.
Also many companies or companies send text messages to remind a motive to their customers, as collection companies to remind customers about the payment they must make, another use that can be given to SMS messages is promotions or discounts in establishments.

Sending a text of 140 or 160 characters is a good option and there are still sites on the Internet that offer free as mandarsms.net that is used to send a text, and are completely unlimited and free. try it now!

send a text

Fortunately, there are free services designed to send text messages to your computer or to a cell phone of your choice. Unfortunately, many of these sites require you to register and create an account to use their functions or at least provide an email to receive answers. Keep in mind that you can start receiving a large amount of spam and that you can sell your information if you accept its terms of use, what you must do to be able to use its service. Sites like Text’Em, Send SMS now, Txt2day, A free SMS do the same, but you must use it as a last resort.

Make sure that the text you send is well received by the person to whom you send it, because it is one of the most frequent errors of sending texts to people who do not request it, that would violate their privacy.